This is a little bit of what I've done



I continue to write blog posts explaining how I make money online.

Get the funding need for your business from your 9 to 5 employment.


Podcast Host

I am the host of three podcasts–Conversations with James Shannon, Start Your Business and Be Heard, and Websites Start Here.

Conversations with James Shannon

I interview people that have experienced at least one traumatic experience in their life and they have since found success.

Start Your Business and Be Heard

Every week I interview someone that makes money online. We discuss how they are making money and what listeners can do to do the same.


Website Creation

As the Creative Director of The Blare Group, we develop, design, manage, and host websites.

Blare Genesis

Blare Genesis is the site and service where we develop and design websites for our friends.

WordPress Hosting

We host WordPress websites for clients, and even for people that have chose to have their website developed elsewhere.